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"All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis"


Jan Greenstone is a Certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She gently guides clients to experience the mind-body connection and observe deeper relaxation for improvement.

After many years in the corporate workforce, Jan pursued her passion with the mind, body and spirit connection, by focusing on hypnotherapy. Austin Hypnotherapy Center is a direct manifestation of her desire to make self-hypnosis accessible to others through customized hypnotherapy sessions. She refers to her guided hypnosis sessions as "a meditative and self-induced trance," where she utilizes hypnotic induction blended with meditative breathing techniques. It is through self-hypnosis that one is able to focus inward, become a non-judging witness to oneself, and open one's heart to the life force that leads to a feeling of lightness, stillness, relaxation and peace. The synchronization of breath, positive affirmations, and guided visual imagery helps in finding one's center while teaching new self-beliefs, goals and improvements. These are impactful tools that she believes show the way to meditation-in-motion or self-hypnosis.

Jan's professional exposure to the mind-body experience came while coordinating studies in which efficacies of new drugs were being tested for pharmaceutical companies. She witnessed first-hand the power of the mind while subjects were given sugar pills vs. medication in randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled studies; hence confirming the power of the suggestibility. Her personal exposure came through a Vipassana 10-day silent meditation course, where she experienced the power of the mind at deep and intense meditative levels. Vipassana students observe "noble silence" — that is, silence of body, speech and mind. She attributes Vipassana and it's teachings to her fascination with hypnosis because of the similarities in effectiveness, balance and self-control.

The intention in her sessions is to create a space, where you feel supported and cared for, in order to step into a place of higher awareness to find your own guidance within.



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