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Smoking Cessation

Since my hypnotherapy sessions with Jan, not only have I become a non-smoker, but also more balanced, motivated, and focused. By gently guiding me from this ordinary world into a larger, more universal perspective, Jan gave me a glimpse of the possibilities of self-knowledge I only dimly realized I had…healing wisdom. One feels her wisdom and support in the quality, timber, and pitch of her voice. The authenticity of who she is flows so naturally that her message is magnified. With Jan's emphasis on positive affirmations and beautiful, guided imagery, you too can quickly learn how to overcome fears, increase your confidence, and enrich your life.

- Patty M, Austin, TX

Athletic Performance

Jan did a hypnotherapy session with me for improving my sports performance. During the session, I felt Jan was guiding me into the session in such a manner that I felt I could completely relax and trust her. After the session was over I felt relaxed, optimistic and confident. She provided methods I can use daily in achieving my goals. I feel hypnotherapy definitely provided an improvement in my race performance.

Jan also did hypnotherapy sessions with my teenage son in improving his memory and study skills. My son felt these sessions were very helpful and he was noticeably more relaxed and calm after working with Jan. He has been looking forward to follow-up sessions, which tells me Jan is quite talented working with adolescents as well as adults.

- M. Miller, Austin, TX


I just wanted to send out a big thank you to Jan at Austin Hypnotherapy Center. Jan was excellent at listening to me and setting up my sessions to help me gain the confidence and clarity that I needed in order to push forward in the right direction and make my business even more successful. She used relaxation and hypnosis techniques to harness skills that I had all along. I just needed that extra boost of self confidence! Thank you Jan!

- DeDe McClamroch RN ANS, Longevity Center, Shreveport, LA

Lose Weight & Increase Athletic Performance

Jan Salinas is a knowledgeable and dedicated hypnotherapist who is truly devoted to her clients' success. She worked with me to help me lose weight and become more active and I have been successful at both. Jan is a highly trained professional and a pleasure to work with. I have recommended her to several friends and family members.

- John H., Austin, TX

Raise Performance Levels

I had, in the past, tried hypnosis tapes with little effect. But I continued to read articles about the great results people are getting with hypnosis. With my occupational demands, my focus which was waning from time to time, became an issue. I decided to commit to my own success. In my very first session with Jan I actually achieved the type of hypnotic state that I had heard so much about. With her voice guiding me I was able to access resources that I hadn't been aware of yet. Her personal style and insightful mind truly impressed me. I am very confident in her talent and her results oriented approach and do recommend others make that step toward their success.

- Rev. Jeff




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